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How I Lost My Heart to the federal eagle….


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For a week I'm back in the land. For a week I think about, how to summarize the experience of American Football World Cup in Sweden in words. How can I tell outsiders, how to feel part of a team, The playing against other nations in a fringe sport for women, never much attention has been and is now the very first time competes in an international tournament?

How can one describe the pride, to be able to make history? to participate as part of the first German national team at the first World Cup, on the lawn with 44 to be like-minded and belt out the national anthem?

How then describes the disappointment, accompanied, if ultimately only 4. Place pops, 'cause you have found a leg and too late for the two decisive games that showed, what you can actually?

And how to bring other people closer, what you feel, when Ten days of football, theory, Training sessions in the blazing sun, Sweat and tears, video analysis, human feelings with the other team members spend, is run by an incredibly dedicated team and you then suddenly back into the "reality" of everyday life must incorporate?

No one writes to me more, what to wear to what occasions, my laundry I have to do it again themselves and, worst, I miss the girls, a team from the opposing team here in the Bundesliga in a foreign land, my team has become.

I am never a friend of Dauerbespaßung and crowds have been, to be allowed to be but this experience World Cup in Sweden makes me so proud and happy part of the story have been, I just hope, that the squad 1. Women's national team in American football a few more games will contest this year.

While it is a well-worn phrase, but:

It was to be playing my honor with these girls and women for Germany.

And who ever such a thing could experience, White, that without the many helping hands and organizing all this would never have been possible.

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Ms. Janssen leg is looking forward, and has body…


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Der dritte und letzte Tag in Strausberg geht seinem Ende zu und ich bin geschafft. Die zwei täglichen Trainingseinheiten in der prallen Sonne haben mich einfach dahingerafft. Nicht nur dass der erste Tag mit Anreise, Theoriestunden, Trainingseinheiten und Videoanalysen für mich knappe 13 Stunden gedauert hat, am zweiten und dritten Tag ging es nicht minder flott weiter.

Nachdem am Freitag das praktische Training noch ein wenig chaotisch war, weil sich alle wieder in ihre Positionen und Teams finden und auch die Spielzüge wieder neu aufeinander abgestimmt werden mussten, ging es wieder mit frischem Elan und neuer Motivation wieder auf das glühende Kunstrasenfeld.

Vom Training schubbern regelmäßig noch diverse Granulatbrocken in Schuhen und anderen Ausrüstungsgegenständen, aber das hindert niemanden daran auf allen Spielpositionen Gas zu geben.

Ich habe hier in Strausberg viel gelacht, habe auch einmal, ein langer Tag in Sonne auf dem Trainingsfeld kann einen auch schon mal an die Leistungsgrenzen bringen, kurz nach einem besonders ordentlichen Block meiner Mitspielerin Sarah ein paar Tränchen vergossen. Aber was soll es, die blauen Flecken werden hier wie alte Kriegsnarben verglichen und bestaunt. Ich muss auch noch daran denken, mich bei meinem Defense-Line-Coach für seine Geduld zu bedanken…

Mein Defense-Line-Coach Markus Grässer und der Defense-Coordinator Daniel Koch geben ihr Bestes uns auf den kommenden ersten Gegner Schweden einzustellen. Die WM in Schweden hat bereits heute begonnen, unser erstes Spiel wird am Dienstag sein. Videoanlaysen, Walk-Throughs und Individuals, abgestimmt auf die verschiedenen Positionen im Feld, haben das einzige Ziel das Team als eins arbeiten zu lassen, um abgestimmt auf die Gastgeber vorbereitet zu sein.

Den heutigen Abend im Camp haben wir mit Packen verbracht. Wir haben noch diverse Kleidungsstücke erhalten, die uns als Mitglieder der Deutschen Nationalmannschaft ausweisen, aber damit hat uns das Komitee zugleich einen Gefallen getan und gleichzeitig so manche der Mädels nahe an einen Pack-Kollaps gebracht. Wie bereits bekannt, sind nur 20 Kg im Gepäck erlaubt und so sah man heute Abend diverse Mädchen und Frauen hektisch nach den Federwaagen für das Gepäck suchen. Wie nur alles in die Taschen packen? Was wird hier gelassen? Heute Abend kann keiner verleugnen, dass wir wirklich Mädchen sind…

Langsam wird es ruhig auf den Fluren und auch ich werde mich gleich schnellstmöglich in die Federn begeben. Mein Körper wird es mir danken. Jetzt ist es gleich 12 Uhr nachts und Frühstück wird morgen früh um sechs sein, damit wir uns gegen 7 Uhr auf den Weg zum Flughafen gen Stockholm machen können. Natürlich in unseren Deutschland-Trainingsanzügen.

Also werde ich nun meine restlichen Dinge zusammenklauben und auf den Tisch für morgen legen, This brings me to the bus to the airport afloat out of bed and early.

Tomorrow night I'll be in Sweden and Tuesday tread my first game on the road to World Cup. I can still hardly believe.

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… and far too little time!


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World Cup in Sweden, Final exam and far too little time!

Today is already Monday and in just four days we are off to the training camp in Strausberg. Where in the world only time remains? It was just months before the American Football World Cup in Sweden, then many long weeks and now time is just running away!!

Tomorrow is my very last one, absolute final exam before. Tomorrow afternoon at three I have everything behind me and will finally turn to the "important" things: pack the bag for Sweden.

What do you take with you to a World Cup as a participant? And why only 20 Kg??? I may not be a "girl" girl, which would carry three cupboard-high suitcases on vacation, But like all my teammates, I have to put my equipment in my luggage in addition to doing the laundry for ten days. What casual clothes do I pack? I save weight, if I limit myself to shorts? I pack shower gel and shampoo at all? Hotels actually always furnish the rooms with it. Maybe I'm just taking curd soap with me, as my teammate Sarah suggested, I couldn't just do laundry with it, take care of me and my hair, but also use the soap in connection with a sock with a potential snorer in the room as a "remote control for the in-room volume control". Who needs to save space and weight, just becomes inventive. With a smile, I also wonder, how long you can wear a pair of socks, before it smells unpleasant…

My three team members have already started a circular email among us fours on Facebook: I pack my suitcase and take it with me… A good idea, because I wouldn't have thought of it, z.B. still anti mosquito spray, to pack the emergency number of the international health insurance or a dirty laundry bag. I also took the vaccination card, I should have had pre-treated for tick bites? nonsense, our hotel is located in the archipelago of Stockholm, but we don't come from the city anyway.

So it's getting serious. I have to try out, so that I stay under the 20kg limit. Will my big sports bag be enough or will I stuff everything into my world travel backpack? How many T-shirts are needed, how many times will i be able to wash? Is it rather fresh or warm?? I try on my swimming gear again in advance, whether they still fit? Fragen über Fragen. I will also have to clean up my MP3 player and repack it. I'm going to pump up music, to "come down" and fall asleep, only what and how much?

I have three days left, to put together and pack all things and I already know, that I will still forget something, which I have to buy expensive in Stockholm. According to the schedule, there won't be much time for shopping and the next shops are one 10 minute bus ride from the hotel. So I hope so, that the 45 Girls skillfully complement each other, otherwise we will probably be bartering with the other two teams (Kanada und Finnland) have to commit, which are also housed in our hotel.

I doubt it, that the players of the German national soccer team deal with the 20 Kg-limit at all. If the boys forget some shoes, then surely some assistant whizzes away, who worries the forgotten and the desired.

I should also request such an assistant from our team management…

Online also at

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As my search for a little exercise..


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..ended on the national team

How could this happen actually, I started with a hobby and am going to smash soon as a member of the national team, the German national anthem in the stadium Zinkensdamm?

Many years ago, it must so 1995 have been, I slipped gradually, Thanks to the football loving family of my then boyfriend, Piece by piece in the lifestyle of American Football. The games were at night from the few friends, that could receive the games, videotaped and freshly duplicated among friends distributed.

Really grabbed me but only the enthusiasm for the sport at the XXXII. Greenbay Packers Superbowl against the Denver Broncos. The game was the most exciting, which I had ever seen and the quarterback of the Denver Broncos, Jon Elway, played with so much heart and soul, I had never experienced it in another sport. I wanted to try this sport! woman only how and where testing a male-dominated sport testosterone?

As if my question been answered, I found I 1999 a display on the local calendar of events. The Mülheim Shamrocks searched for their women's team gain and invited on trial. I liked very much, that girls and women of any figure and all ages were sought. Since I was always "mopsigen" more of the sort, came to me naturally opposed. I grabbed my roommate and dragged her to the winter training.

The coach drove us in the weeks around and around the winter sports field and on Sunday at the Circle in the sports hall. In the sports hall we got in theory lessons the basics of American football and later the moves taught and required in small groups technical principles and movements.

The team was (and it is to this day) a Sammelsorium of characters, the inspired me from the beginning. I had already been in the swimming club before and was for many years in the Riding Club Show Jumping, but so well I had felt in any sports group.

Then the first external training came up to me in full equipment. I was informed about, that really Football was played, and in my first training I was pushed over the place, getackled and blocked. I felt after exercise muscles that I had not even previously suspected, I had this at all! But never before had I felt so comfortable after a sports unit.

The first game was followed and I felt no planning on the field (I was also likely). Cried the coach really just my name on the field? followed game to game and the theory lessons gradually added together with the practice into a whole. In addition to the sport itself, I had a new one in my team, solid circle of friends found. followed year on year; for me, my team has developed into a kind of family. We are living together successes and failures; we celebrate together the same way, as it sometimes crashes in the rafters. So it should be even and so that's a bunch of women.

Meanwhile we played against teams in Germany, the Bundesliga was founded, they even shared in 1. und 2. Bundesliga. And then, 2009, after several years in 1. Bundesliga Women, burst in football Germany the bomb. There should be a female national team, which will compete in Sweden at the World Championships in.

The coaches of the teams should send the favorites of your team to try-out, for the first selection process. Unfortunately I was not there. My coach had considered my job-related training low participation to the law and not proposed me. Kinked I took the back.

I was happy of course for the nominee of my team, but still nibbling at my scratched Ego. A coach of a friendly team suggested me afterwards and put in a good word for me (thanks again, Tom!), so I was finally still invited to try-out to Cologne. I ran, sprang, and played my soul from my untrained body. I struggled on the final gum. If I do not do it now would be included in the National team squad, when then?

A few weeks and abgenkabberte fingernails later extended squad was clear, who was invited in Silberborn for the first training camp and I was there! over 100 Girls and women met for a long weekend, to show the coaches of the national team, that they are in the squad 45 chosen among. Three days in rain and mud full of emotions and hopes, Cold and fatigue paid off. The final A-team was clear and I had managed. Three of my Shamrock teammates and I are now on the safe way to Sweden for the World Cup in Stockholm. Day after day spin emails with instructions and schedules in my mailbox day after day can I believe it less, that we travel in a few days already in the preparation camp near Berlin, to from 27. participate in June at the Women's World Championship. Am 29. June we will meet our first opponent, the national team of our hosts Sweden.

I am with my national team go into our summer fairytale.

Who would have before the 11 years thought?


Bettina also writes for the local newspaper. The article appeared here:

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